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Veterinary Bedding

Vetbed Contemporary Living - cream mat with brown squares
King Charles spaniel on a Posture Pal bed Merino wool vet bed with integrated Permafresh fibres Vetbed Original in pink
We sell the entire range of veterinary bedding made by Petlife International and Bronte Glen. Vet Bed is so versatile and easy to use - it machine washes time and time again and dries very quickly. If you cannot find the veterinary bedding you need please email us and we will be happy to obtain a price for you. Not all the available beds are currently loaded on our site.

More information on the various types of veterinary bedding is available in our Vet Bed Info Guide.

The famous Posture Pal memory foam Orthopedic bed is on special offer at the moment - 40% off! - so grab a bargain while stocks last

The heat reflecting thermal Flectabed and Flectabed Q, with a choice of covers, are firm favourites with our customers who want to spoil their pets and keep them warm, especially in the cold winter months.

You also might want to consider the Bronte Glen Senior Gold 7+ Pet Mat with integrated 30% Wool fibres and Permafresh©. This bedding has a very thick pile and the wool content gives your pet extra warmth and comfort, especially if he is an older pet who needs pampering.