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Mailing List
This poor breeding bitch was only 4 years old when she had to be destroyed. Please stop this happening. Please buy a rescue dog - not a puppy.
A rescued and rehomed parsons russell terrier - very naughty but nice! Desperate Greekies does a wonderful job finding homes for dogs from Greece who would otherwise have no hope of every having a home. A fantastic German Shepherd rescue organisation that also helps other breeds
Of course, we like to sell you products, but we also want to support rehoming organisations and rescue centres and we will always try to give special discounts on our bedding to rescues, so please contact us before placing an order.

Can we ask all of you to consider taking a dog or cat from a rescue rather than buying a puppy? Boomer and Jake, the GSD cross and the Parsons Russell terrier featured on this site, are both rescue dogs. Boomer had 6 previous homes before he came to us, and had been passed on through no fault of his own. He settled in immediately, has a superb temparament and is a brilliant family pet.

There are far too many dogs and cats (and other animals too) in this country and Ireland for the number of homes available and every day hundreds of healthy dogs and cats are put to sleep simply because there is nowhere for them to go. According to alarming recent statistics, more than 100,000 dogs were found wandering alone on Britain's streets in 2009 – a massive 11 per cent increase over the previous figures.

Vast numbers of puppies and kittens are bred by people who either think they can make some money from their sale or are too lazy or uncaring to have their pet neutered. Many of these animals end up being put to sleep at an young age. Every puppy and kitten bought from a breeder means the breeder is encouraged to breed more and the cycle continues. Please please please take a rescue animal and save an animal's life. Every time one pet is rehomed it enables another to come into rescue and be saved. There are many reputable breeders in the UK but sadly many puppies are bred on puppy farms and are poor specimens with never ending health problems. If you buy one of these poor puppies you are buying nothing but trouble and expense.

Just because an animal is in rescue does not mean there is something wrong with it . Pets are rehomed for all sorts of reasons - their owner is ill, a marriage breaks up or perhaps an owner cannot take the pet to new accomodation. Please give these animals a chance, particularly the older pets who ask little and give so much in return.

If you would like your charity or organisation featured on this site please email us at and we will do our best to include your site in this section. We will rotate the links on this page regularly and will include your rescue in the subcategories which will be set up over the coming months.