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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Site Safe

Yes, completely. We use PayPal and when you pay you will leave our site and go onto the PayPal site to make your payment. You will then be redirected back to us.

Do I need a PayPal account to be able to buy from the site?

No. You can pay with various credit cards without having a PayPal. You can also pay by cheque or direct bank transfer if you prefer.

How do I know if the Vetbed delivered to me is the genuine Petlife product?

We sell veterinary bedding made by Petlife International Ltd in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk and similar veterinary bedding made by other companies. We only sell veterinary bedding we consider to be of a good quality. All veterinary bedding made by Petlife which is sold on this site is clearly advertised and marked as the genuine original Petlife Vetbed on the product page. Many Vetbed products will be sent to you directly by Petlife, although we do keep a stock of their products in our warehouse. Genuine Vetbed products are stamped on the back of the product unless it is on a roll and then it is stamped on the back at 3 metres intervals. Not all products cut from a roll will necessarily have a stamp on them as it will depend where the roll is cut.

We guarantee that any product advertised as being made by Petlife is genuinely made by them. Veterinary bedding made by other companies which is offered on this site is described as Care Bedding or Bronte Glen veterinary bedding.

What is the difference between Vetbed and other veterinary bedding that looks the same?

Vetbed was the original veterinary bedding and has been on the market for over 20 years. It is renowned for washing very well, even at high temperatures, and for being long lasting and very strong. We are informed that the other veterinary bedding we sell has also been vigorously tested and is of a very high quality. We cannot independently test all our materials and we have to rely on the representations given to us by our suppliers. We understand all the veterinary bedding we sell is made to a high specification and will be long lasting in normal use. We have not encountered any problems with the veterinary bedding we have tested personally, which is why we are happy to sell it on our site.

Do you sell eco friendly bedding?

Yes, we do. We sell Eco Bed veterinary bedding made by Petlife. Unfortunately it is very difficult to source materials for dog beds that are particularly friendly to the environment but we try to do our best by selling beds that have parts that can be replaced so it is not always necessary to throw the whole bed away if part of it wears out or is damaged. We also try to use recycled material for packaging and to keep our wrapping to a minimum. We are actively trying to find new materials to use for our beds that do as little damage to the environment as possible. Tell us if you come across any eco friendly materials we might be able to use. You never know, we might make a prototype and ask you to test it for us free!

What animal fur covers do you stock?

We currently stock two plain colours, dark brown and beige, and four patterns - Ibex, Tiger, Zebra and Dalmatian. More patterns will be available shortly.

Will the faux fur covers shrink?

Provided they are washed at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees and are drip dried the answer is no. They are 100% polyester and should not shrink at all. We make the cover so there is room all round the filling to enable the filling to be removed easily, so the cover is not skin tight. It can be gently teased into shape when damp to help maintain shape if necessary.

Can I buy an animal faux fur outer cover for all the beds on your site?

Not yet. We currently stock four standard sizes to cover the four Saucy Brown Boomer waterproof beds with foam and wadding fillings. We will shortly introduce covers to fit the Saucy Brown Ballistic Waterproof beds. Eventually we hope to have washable removable covers for all the beds. Each product page will state if separate covers are available.

How to Find Products

We have tried to set our site out logically. You will see the main categories along the top brown browser bar starting with 'dog beds'. These top categories are not in alphabetical order but the subcategories are alphabetical. If you click on the category heading, e.g. dog beds, you will go to the 'landing page' for the 'dog beds' category. Not all categories have landing pages.

Landing pages give you some information on the various products we sell in that category and will provide direct links to the subcategories. The subcategories also show up in the left hand margin of the landing page.

If you would prefer to go directly to the various subcategories, without going to the landing page, then hover your mouse over the category heading (for example, 'dog beds' ) on the brown browser bar and the subcategories will show up underneath. You can then click on the subcategory and go directly to it this way. You can also search using the 'search' button on the top of each page.

How do I Compare Products

If you want to compare products side by side you can click on the 'Add To Compare' button on every product page. The product then goes to the 'Compare Products' box which you will find in the right hand column of the page. When you have added all the products you want to compare click on the yellow 'Compare Items' button in the 'Compare Products' box. The products will show up side by side. You can choose to print the page or simply close it once it has been viewed. After comparing the products you can either leave them in the 'Compare Products' box for future reference or click the 'Clear All' button to clear them and start again.