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I Drive My New Friends Nuts

6 Feb 2012 16:55:04

The next few weeks were great fun. Andrea has a very happy home and I felt I fitted in really well. I had 2 good walks a day, morning and night, lots of good food to eat, children to play with and new doggy friends. What more could a dog ask for?

The only slight dampner was that my new doggy friends did not have the same sense of humour as I did. For some reason I just do not understand, they did not find it funny when I raced by and knocked into them so they could skid along the floor. Perhaps it was because they sometimes crashed into the wall, or the ironing board, or anything else that happened to be in the way.  It seems some dogs just do not enjoy the same level of physical contact as I do. 

Boomer pleading for a treatNeither did they like me playing hide and seek. They did not find it funny when I jumped on them from behind trees or ran full speed at them in the forest where we walked, just diverting myself before I crashed into them. They said some very sharp things to me, but I took no notice as I knew they were only teasing me.

We were trained with treats and I quickly learnt that when  I sat on command I would receive a treat. I thought I would see if I would receive a treat if I sat without being told, and looked into Andrea's eyes and pleaded for a little something. Here I am trying it on. I am trying to hypnotise her. It did work sometimes, but not often. Andrea was too smart to be fooled by me. Aren't my eyes unusual? Not that I am vain or anything.

I had been with Andrea for several weeks when she told me a lady was coming to look at me with a view to giving me a home. I laugh to myself now when I recall Andrea's use of the word 'lady' as this is not a word I would use to describe the woman who arrived to meet me the next day!

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My New Foster Home Is Great!

10 Aug 2011 16:30:31

Boomer and his new friendsChris drove me to my new foster home the next day. I love travelling in the car because it usually means something interesting will happen at the end of the journey. It's a good job I  travel well because I had covered quite a few miles in my life so far.

We arrived at Portsmouth and I was so excited when Chris knocked on the door of Andrea's house. Andrea was my very kind foster Mum. I was her first foster - wasn't she lucky to have me to learn on?

As soon as that knocker hit the door all hell let loose. I could hear loads of barking and the sound of things crashing to the ground, and I thought 'great, this is my sort of place - and with new friends - again!' I could not wait to get in.

The door opened and I saw Andrea and her lovely children - I love children - and her two GSD dogs. What could be better than new doggy and children friends, all in one house together! How lucky was I?

Here I am with the two new doggy friends I met in my lovely foster home. What a handsome trio we were. I am the large hunk on the left. I was only a pup then, just 7 or eight months old, yet I towered over my new mates. 

Chris and I went in - or should I say I dragged Chris in - and I said hello to everyone - all at once. I was let off the lead and bounced round the kitchen and lounge, looking at everything. I was beside myself with excitement. The next part of my life was just about to begin!

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I arrive in England

13 Jun 2011 16:28:13

I was just telling you about my thoughts when I arrived in England for the first time. I was very pleased to see Chris as I could tell he was a 'doggy man' - he made a lovely fuss of me straight away. Chris helps lots of dogs like me to find new homes. His rescue is called GSD LifeLine and they work with the larger group of rescues called BIGGSD, which stands for Big German Shepherd rescue. They save all sorts of dogs and animals, not just shepherds and part shepherds like me.

When you have time do look at the websites, especially the Forum, on BIGGSD, as you will meet loads of really caring people all over the country who devote so much of their time and money to help dogs like me find a better life.

Do you know that thousands of dogs are put to sleep every year after they have spent the last 7 days of their lives in awful dog pounds both here and in Ireland? Can you imagine how dreadful that must be? All alone, afraid, sometimes sick with no one to love you?

Boomer eating a bananaYou can therefore imagine how pleased I was to arrive fit and well in England. Here I am in the back of the car, having just helped myself to a banana someone had carelessly left within my reach.

I was so excited and wondered how long it would be before I started my new permanent life with my new family. I was all over the place with excitement.

However, the next day Chris told me I was going to a foster home with a lovely family who were going to look after me until my forever home was found. I was gutted to be honest, as I thought I was going straight to my new home and field and sofa, but I needn't have worried as my next home was great fun and I made even more new friends!

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I Go On A Cruise

25 May 2011 18:02:45

The day finally arrived when I was going to leave Ireland for good. I heard Dave and Eva talking about the fact that a wonderful man from England called Chris, who ran a rescue for German Shepherd dogs and part bred shepherds like me, called gsdlifeline, had agreed to help them find me a forever home in England. They explained it was very difficult to find good homes for GSD dogs in Ireland and I would have a much better chance over the water.

I was very upset when it was time to go and there were lots of tears when I left the flat and said goodbye to Dave and Honey and Zico, but Eva came with me to the docks and I was thrilled when she came on board with me. I thought I would have to travel over on my own, and I was a bit worried if I was honest, having to manage the tickets and travel arrangements, but she obviously fancied a cruise, so she partnered me on the trip over. We had to wait on the quayside for a while before boarding and here's a photo of me just before we went on our way. Aren't I a handsome pup if I say so myself?

Boomer on teh quayside in Ireland I can't say I enjoyed the journey over as I had to be  shut in a cage, so the least said about that the better. What an indignity. I was very upset as I fancied a good look round the boat to see if I could find some fun, but no such luck.

When we arrived in England it was cold and miserable and I felt rather sad, but we quickly found Chris and I liked him very much. I jumped in his car and made myself quite at home. It was a shame I was moulting so much and the car was so clean, well it was to start with, but never mind. I was so sad to say goodbye to Eva but she explained she would keep in touch with me for ever. Eva can see into the future and she had already told me that one day soon I would have my own field to play in and my own sofa. I could not wait. I just had to be patient, as they were a little longer coming than anticipated.

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My Two New Friends In Ireland

25 Mar 2011 16:07:33

When I arrived in Dave and Eva's lovely flat there were already two canine residents - Honey and Zico. Two very handsome Bassett Hounds. I was so pleased - two new friends! They were initially very pleased to see me as well, but once I started to play with them they seemed to go off me a bit, but I don't know why. I heard them using words like 'lout' and 'mannerless' and 'rough' and 'pushy'. They could not have been talking about me as I played very sedately for an 8 month old pup. Doesn't every dog love rolling around in mud and splashing about in water and being knocked off their feet in hilarious games?  Apparently not.

Here's a photo of a bassett hound - not my new friends as I can't find their photos at present, but a relative of theirs. His colour matches my site nicely. These hounds aren't exactly built for speed, are they? Honey and Zico were very nice to me and I lived with them for over eight months and we had great times together. Well, I did anyway. I am not so sure about them.

However, I was growing very big and getting very boisterous. I had such lovely food to eat and walks in the park that I had become much stronger and, if I say so myself, much more handsome.  Here's a photo of me below taken after I had been with Dave and Eva for a few months. Don't I look good? It just shows what good food and love does for a boy like me!

One day Dave and Eva explained to me that now I was so grown up I was ready to make the move to England where I had a much better chance of finding the forever home I had always dreamed of. They had always told me I could not stay with them permanently as they were only fostering me, not adopting me permanently, but I was very sad to hear the news I was dreading. They kindly foster lots of dogs to give as many of them a chance of happiness as possible.

So, the next chapter in my life was about to start. I was excited at the thought of travelling to England, but very upset at the thought of leaving Dave and Eva and my new doggy friends as I had been so happy with them. I wondered if my next home would be as good. Eva said she could see a great big green field of my own for me to play in and my own sofa in England, so I felt a bit better when I heard that good news. Honey and Zico, however, did not seem too worried about the thought of me going and when I left I did not notice too many hankies in evidence. There were mutterings about 'needs to grow up' and 'over grown schoolboy' but I took no notice. Some dogs have no sense of fun. I will tell you all about my sea crossing and my new home in England next time I write. 

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