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This new section of our site will provide a series of information articles on various dog related matters. Keep coming back as new articles will be added on a regular basis.

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What are the advantages of a foam filled dog bed?
How can I keep my dog safe?
upholstery foam fillings in dog beds
What are the advantages of a foam filled dog bed?

It will last for years in normal use and will not need replacing after five minutes.

We use 2" (5cm) thick upholstery quality foam i.e. the type of foam in your own sofa. It is very dense and feels almost hard to start with, but it gradually softens to give a lovely soft yet firm feel to the bed. We do not use the cheaper crumbed foam i.e. the foam made from offcuts that are glued together.

You have all seen dogs's beds that look thick and springy when you buy them but that appearance does not last long. Those beds are usually made with a much cheaper inferior quality hollow fibre filling that quickly goes flat, limp and lumpy and has to be replaced. Our beds are still in use years after they were purchased. They save you money in the long run.

Your pet will be provided with excellent, consistant cushioned support.

How would you like to sleep on a bed with a filling that is separating into clumps? Not much! Your dog is of the same opinion. If your mattress was lumpy, thin and uncomfortable you would not sleep well and the chances are you would quickly have a bad back. The same goes for your dog, especially if he is old or has bad joints. He needs - and deserves - a bed that cushions his weight and stops his hips and shoulders rubbing on the ground. Most of our beds have 2" (5cm) of foam and this is more than adequate to provide even heavy dogs with excellent support.

Foam acts as an insulating layer between your pet and the ground.

Foam is a natural insulator and acts as a barrier between your pet and any cold wet ground. This is particularly useful if your pet sleeps outside in a kennel or on tiled or stone floors.

upholstery foam fillings in dog beds
Foam takes up little space.

The foam in our standard beds is only 2" (5cm) thick, so you hardly notice it on the floor. Some of us need a dog bed that looks more like a rug, so it is not so intrusive in our homes.

We sell the bulky thick beds with hollow fibre fillings, and they are great beds, but not every house is large enough to accomodate a dog bed that size. Our upholstery foam dog beds are perfect if you want comfort and style without size. The foam is covered with its own waterproof cover, so all you need to do is wash the outer cover. Our polyester covers come out of the washing machine nearly dry, so they make your life really easy. No more smelly dog beds!

photo of two dogs behind a high pair of metal gates that are padlocked
How can I keep my dog safe?

Can he be stolen from your garden?

Every day dogs are stolen from gardens and yards. You only have to look on the website to see just a few of the dogs that go missing all over the country.

Make sure it is impossible for someone to just open your gate and help themselves to your dog. Keep your gates locked at all times and make sure the gates are high enough so no one can just lean over and grab your dog. Buy the best security you can afford as thieves can be ruthless - and very quick. A unneutered dog can be very valuable in the wrong hands. Think like a thief and protect your pet.

front garden gate left open
Do not put your dog's life in the hands of anyone coming to your property.

Can you trust everyone coming to your house to shut your gates behind them? No, of course not. It is so easy for a dog to escape via a gate left swinging in the breeze. Non 'doggy' people do not realise the importance of keeping gates shut. Consider fitting a spring closer that shuts a gate automatically so it cannot be left open. These are hard to fit on metal gates but are great on wooden ones. You can pick them up for under £10 a your local DIY store. A padlock that goes through an ordinary slip bolt is easy and cheap to fit.

Better still, do not allow your pet access to areas used by casual visitors, like front gardens. Keep him secure in the back garden.

photo of a high side gate that is padlocked
Are your fences in good condition and high enough?

Some dogs can be very determined to escape and good strong fencing is of paramount importance. Dogs have been known to literally rip a hole in a poor quality fence panel that is not in good condition with their teeth and claws. They can even force their way through weak wire mesh. Check the condition of your fences regularly and leave nothing to chance.

Are your fences high enough? Some dogs can jump or claw their way over 5 foot or more, so if your dog is large and/or particularly athletic erect suitably high fences to keep him securely within your property.

2 greyhounds chasing a rabbit
Train him not to chase small furries!

Dogs love to chase small furry animals and it is too easy to turn a blind eye whilst your dog chases the odd rabbit or cat. You tell yourself it is only a bit of fun. 99% of the time the cat goes up a tree or the rabbit disappears down a hole and everyone is happy. Sometimes the outcome is very different. If the rabbit goes across a road instead of down a hole your dog can easily be knocked over and killed. If the cat is aggressive your dog can be injured and if the cat is old or infirm the dog might even kill it. Suddenly it is not so funny any more.

Take your dog to training classes and teach him to obey your commands. There are thousands of dog training classes and you and your dog can have fun whilst you both learn. Keep him safe and teach him to do what he is told. An obedient dog will make your life much easier and more enjoyable.