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About Saucy Brown

About Us

No doubt you would like us to answer a few questions so you know a little bit about Saucy Brown.

First of all, where does the name Saucy Brown come from?

Everyone asks this question! We wanted a name you could remember, many of our beds were either brown or cream, our model dogs were brown - and very cheeky. Cheeky Brown did not have a ring to it but Saucy Brown did, so the name stuck.

Where are you based?

We are based in Essex and our own brand products are made in the UK. We sell nationwide and abroad.

Why was Saucy Brown set up?

We continuously heard people complaining about their pets’ beds: they were difficult to keep clean, they smelt, they fell apart, they went flat, they only looked good until you washed them, they were not thick enough, they were too bulky for old dogs and, generally, they were not good quality. We decided to set up Saucy Brown to specialise in selling pet beds that did not have these problems.

What sort of beds do you sell?

We sell beds that are easy to look after, save you time and money and look great!
The Boomer bed, for example, has a tough waterproof outer cover that can be used on its own or you can buy a separate really stylish modern over cover that you can just throw in the washing machine. We have made it easy to keep your home smelling clean and fresh and your pet's bed hygienic.

You have a choice of fillings, including upholstery foam that is hard to find elsewhere, and you can even buy each part of the bed separately. What more could you want?

What else makes you different?

Our Animal Print Over Covers are a new idea and come in a choice of designs and patterns that look really up to date and stylish. They wash like a dream and both sides of the covers are made from the same fabric, so you can use both sides of the bed, reducing your washing by half. You can change the look of the bed simply by changing the cover!

Fillings are kept dry and clean in waterproof covers so they do not need to be washed. This helps to keep the filling bouncy and hygienic. Damp fillings smell. We eliminate this problem in our beds.

We sell most parts of our beds separately so each component can be bought individually, saving you money.

Lastly, we offer a made to measure service, so if you want a particular sized bed cover we can make it for you.

Why are your products good?

We do not sell cheap rubbish. We only sell beds that are strong, durable, well made, versatile and easy to look after. We want you to be pleased with your bed - we do not want you sending it back to us!

All our beds are made in the UK and they are made properly.
What else do you sell?

Dog beds are our speciality but we also sell a few other practical useful products to compliment our range –like rolls of very sticky ‘roll over’ tape that revitalises clothes covered in pet hair, dog treats that are kind to your dog’s waistline and water bowls that help to reduce slobber. Most of these products are everyday items which help you save time and make your life easier.

Would you like some feedback?

Yes please! Tell us what you think of the site and the products we sell so we can improve our service to you. We welcome all feedback - good and bad - so we can improve our service and sell you the products you want. If you cannot find what you are looking for please let us know and we will try to help.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and browsing our site. We have several new products waiting in the wings to be introduced in the near future, so please keep in touch. You can ask to be added to our mailing list so you can be updated from time to time. We promise not to bombard you with emails and you can remove your name from the list at any time.

Kim Waterhouse

Saucy Brown