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luxury Extra Large Premier Tweed dog bed with bolster style side being used by a Vizla  dog
Traditional Vet Bed from Bronte Glen Thick padded dog beds with Permafresh fibres to combat mites from Bronte Glen
Saucy Brown Dog Beds specialise in the sale of easy care dog beds and crate mats with quality fillings, waterproof liners and machine washable covers. We are one of the few retailers to sell foam filled dog beds - the ultimate luxury for your pet.

Our pet beds make your life easy - the waterproof covers only need a quick wipe over and our removable fabric over covers go in the washing machine and come out nearly dry. How simple is that? Make washing a bulky smelly dog bed a thing of the past.

Does your dog need a special bed because of his particular needs? Does he have allergies? Is his mobility poor? Is he old and arthritic? Is he exceptionally large or heavy? Our Made To Measure service might help to resolve your problems. We also sell a huge range of Veterinary Bedding and can have most vet bed cut to the size you need. We are always pleased to offer impartial advice to help you buy the right bed.